Program of BSW 2020

МАРШРУТ байкальская парусная неделя 2020

МАРШРУТ байкальская парусная неделя 2020

In 2020 it will be the forth regatta on Baikal. This year we’ve decided to make new route in order to give the possibility for participants see the most remarkable sites of so called “Small sea” – area of Baikal between shore and Olkhon island.

The Program

1 of August:
12:00 shuttle from Irkutsk to village Sahurta
15:00 meeting participants at Sahurta and accommodation on yachts
20:00 openning ceremony of Baikal Sailing Week
For night anchoring in bay Bazarnaya

2 of August
10:00 Start of first race (2-3 short races in “Olkhon gates”, each about 3 miles, depends on weather)
In the evening: prize giving.
For night anchoring in bay Bazarnaya

3 of August
10:00 Start of race (route race between uninhabited islands (Ogoi, Zamogoi, Toinak). Distance 30 nm. Finish at village Hujir (the main village on Olkhon island).
For night anchoring in bay Hujir.

4 of August
Free day in v. Hujir (you can take excursions to museums and landmarks of Olkhon)
At 15:00 tube racing (every сrew gives 2 persons for participating)
20:00 Start of night race

5 of August
Continue of race (distance 60 nm). Near point Hoboi (the most north point of Olkhon island) and point Zama.
Finish at bay Uiuga.
In the evening prize giving ceremony in cafe Uiuga.
Here is “russian baths”, you can order.
For night anchoring in bay Uiuga.

6 of August
11:00 Start of race (2 races, distance of each about 10 nm). Between islands Ogoi, Toinak, Barakchen. The first finish  near Ogoi island, where participants will go to island to see the buryatian sanctuary – Sacred stupa.
The second race finishes at point Ulurba (bay Shida). Here are  baths, warm water, fishing.
For night anchoring in bay Shida.

7 of August
11:00 Start of final race (to village Sahurta). Distance 7 nm.
Night party and prize giving ceremony.
For night anchoring in bay near v. Sahurta.

8 of August
12:00 Transfer for participants of regatta to Irkutsk.


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