Baikal Sailing Week 2019

Third interregional sailing regatta on Baikal lake: 27 of July – 3 of august 2019

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Feel the Spirit of Baikal

Welcome to the third sailing regatta Baikal Sailing Week. Regatta takes place at the most interesting water area of Russia – lake Baikal.
Yachtsmen from all regions and countries are invited. You can join the forming crew of our skippers or charter a boat for your own crew.
Racing will be in two devisions: on 30 and 40 ft yachts.
The expected route: Irkutsk – Bay Schel (Angara river) – Listvianka village – bay Peschannaya – v. Buguldeyka – v. Sahurta – islands of Small Sea – bay Zagli (Baikal lake)

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27 of July – 03 of August 2019

Racing will take place in the most beneficial season for yachting and rest. It’s the warmest time of the year, mild winds and maximally warmed water.



Best yachtsmen of this region will participate in the regatta. They’ll gladly share their experience with participants. Races will be on the boats of one class.


Picturesque route

Baikal water area has unique natural characteristics. The route of the regatta will allow us to get acquainted with the most remarkable and picturesque bays of the “Small Sea” of Baikal


About the organizers

I have connected my life with Baikal more than 25 years ago and want to share with all yachtsmen the emotions that we experience each time we get to this amazing place.

About us

How did we come to this idea? Me, Stanislav Pechenkin, have grown on Baikal and now I’ve become the ideological organizator of the regatta. 10 years ago I started to travel all over the world and participated in many international races. There is huge number of beautiful places. Everyone has something unique for yachting. But for me, Baikal is a special unparalleled place, which gives you great energy and amazes by the power of its nature. Talking with yachtsmen all over the world in my journeys, I’ve understood that many of them are very interested in my stories of Baikal. So that’s how the idea was born. In 2016 I invited sailors from Moscow to our local races. They were so impressed by Baikal that wanted to come back next year. So I’m sure that BSW regatta will become a new good tradition for every yachtsmen. By the way, my previos project of organization ice sailing races on Baikal has become one of the significant events in this sphere after the European and World championships in ice sailing.

I hope that Baikal Sailing Week will be a good challenge for strength, knowledge and skills for everyone.

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First yachtsmen, who visited Baikal with us in 2016. Sorry for difficulties in translation 🙂

I have great impressions from racing and extraordinary beauty all around. It was amusing, frightening, wet, drunk, uncomfortable, warm in sauna, but I never feel regret and boringness. The crew worked cool. Thanks for you, you are super! And special appreciation for skipper – Stanislav. You are the master. As a result – I want it once more!!!!!



I am happy that managed to get into the crew of Stanislav. This regatta is unique. Magnificent Baikal with cleanest water, untouched nature, various weather and wind conditions – from raining storm to the total calmness. Intense fight with skilled and resistant competitors. Excellent boat. Wonderful persons.


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In order to feel the energy of Baikal you have to plunge in it. Not from the shore, but dive stricktly in its deep. Better from the racing boat. This year I was lucky to become a member of a crew and participate in the most beautiful regatta of the season. It’s unforgettable to see Baikal in every weather and every time of day. Immense amount of adrenaline from races, emotions from surrounding beauty and communication with true homeland yachtsmen!


The amateur yachtsman

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Send a letter with your questions about participation in Baikal Sailing Week.

The terms of participation

Third interregional regatta Baikal Sailing Week 2019 is included in the schedule of Russian sailing sport federation.

Regatta will be in two devisions: on 30 and 40 ft yachts (“Yamaha 30”, “Yokohama 30”, “Karter 30”, Farr 40 St-35).
Skipper is provided for every crew. Our skippers are professional yachtcmen with great experience in sailing on Baikal.
In regatta can participate both experienced yachtsmen and beginners.

Price for participation: 45 000 rub. – 1 member of a crew.
Entry fee from the yacht: for 30 ft: 10000 rub., for 40ft yachts: 12000 rub.
All costs are included except flight to Irkutsk and food/fuel for the boat.

To chart a boat with your own skipper and crew – check the information by request.
All skippers must have yacht license.